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We had almost left Sébastien Farge after his Grand Prix du Disque "Gus Viseur 2015", where his vibrant tribute to Jean Ségurel associated with some personal compositions, confirmed an immense talent and gave a glimpse of an unusual vision of the accordion for the benefit of LA music.

Curious, passionate about his instrument, its history, adviser for the last French Accordion Manufacture, Maugein, tireless worker and composer, Sébastien matured this openness to Jazz and improvised music. A few months ago, when designing and writing "Origins", Sébastien had deep within him this feeling and this desire to bring together all that is in him to return, and give, to the accordion of new titles to conquer, the affirmation of the beauty of this instrument and the sounds produced.

His progress in this musical aesthetic confronted him and confirmed him in the eyes and ears of strong personalities, Sylvain Luc, Bernard Cavanna, Roland Romanelli...

A voice is now emerging, a reality and an observation, that of a complex mechanism at the service of the most beautiful emotions through exceptional writing and touch.


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