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Release: 2021
Ref.: LJ59

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release 2020 01Release : september 24, 2021

The origin of the M.O.M. trio is an unexpected encounter on the set of the Netflix series "The Eddy". Between Jowee Omicil and Louis Moutin, the connection is immediate, instinctive.

François Moutin, passing through Paris at the end of the shoot, joins Jowee and Louis for a few home-sessions. The trio improvise there freely without any prior agreement, carried in
the moment by the thread of the imagination and by collective listening.

A sound arises, melodies are born. A universe opens up, at the point of equilibrium of the three personalities.

Naturally, the creativity of the trio seems to flow naturally, as fluid as it is exhilarating. M.O.M. is music that is at the same time joyful, intense, deep and spontaneous. A few months later, no framework, no constraint, we open the doors wide.



1. AM (2’54)

2. FRK (3’33)
3. Abandoned Youth (3’40)
4. M.O.M Blues (3’13)
5. Let’s Talk (6’03)
6. Caresse (3’07)
7. Up and Down (4’10)
8. Fly with the Wind (7’15)
9. Ballade à 2 notes (3’25)
10. Shout (4’33)
11. Cosmic Dance (5’32)
12. Soixante-neuf (7’34)

Total Time : 55’28



François MOUTIN - Composition, double bass
Jowee OMICIL - Composition, saxophones, clarinet
Louis MOUTIN - Composition, drums



Produced by LABORIE Jazz
Executive producing by Jean Michel & Elie LEYGONIE
Recorded by Julien BIROT at Studio SEXTAN – Malakoff
Assistant Arthur GOURET
Mixed by Julien BIROT & Louis MOUTIN
Mastered by Raphaël JONIN at Studio J RAPH i.n.g
Photos by Jean Baptiste MILLOT
Artwork / Design by Karol SISSA
Worldwide digital distribution by IDOL
Distribution by SOCADISC







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